Well, that's unnecessarily personal!
BoJonn end Prologue
Lawful Evil
Gender Male
Race Unknown
Health 250
Level 6
Weapon Megaphone
Status Alive


When Wren/Reynold and Everett navigate through the graveyard they overhear Dorsilla haranguing BoJonn's lack of punctuality. Thereafter she (Dorsilla) divulges hearsay of a mother load supply of candy at Autumn Haven Mall before intimidating BoJonn and vanishing. Demanding Wren/Reynold be returned, Bojonn fights Wren/Reynold thereby attempting to neutralize them.


A faithful subordinate shift leader, BoJonn perfectly embodies a corporate drone set on advancing his position on the company ladder. He would seem pleasant enough if not for being a monster or serving Big Bones. However this semi-cordial personage does not detract from him resorting to take hostile measures nor mercilessly following orders.


  • Defeating BoJonn notwithstanding summoned enemies being present will conclude the battle. [verified]
  • Based on his reaction to Dorsilla's insult, BoJonn may be sensitive about the way he looks.