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Costume Quest 2 is an adventure game developed by Double Fi. Everett, Lucy, and the twin heroes, Wren and Reynold are travelling a series of portals on their way home. While wanting one of the twins to test one of the portal in hopes of leading them back home, Everett suggests that they flip a coin to decide. Regardless of which side the coin lands on, the player gets to choose either Wren or Reynold to go through the portal, thus being the main character for the game.

They successfully return home to Auburn Pines. They were surprised by seeing that the neighbourhood was getting ready for Halloween, having experienced time dilation while travelling. Everett and Lucy went on their way home while Wren and Reynold to check in with their parents briefly. Meanwhile, a dentist named Dr. Orel White was waiting impatiently for someone to meet him near their house. As Wren and Reynold encountered him, he was very angry and bitter towards them by pushing them aside. Dr. White's appointment had then arrived; Dr. White berates the person, who happened to be a time wizard, for their tardiness. The quiet time wizard however pulls out a clock piece to activate a clock face portal on the ground. Both the dentist and time wizard jumped right into the portal to the twins' amazement. Dr. White suddenly jumped right back out, holding a small plush Grubbin doll. Suddenly as well, Grubbins began popping up in thin air all across the neighbourhood. Just as Wren and Reynold were about to take action, their Halloween costumes and candy bags had disappeared to thin air. Soon enough, a familiar looking male adult called out to the twins to follow him through a similar time portal.

Wren, Reynold and the familiar adult all landed into a living room of a house. The twins get greeted by another familiar female adult who revealed that they were Everett and Lucy in the future and married. They quickly told the twins to go grab some costumes from the outdoor shed. Upon donning the costumes, a flying drone detected them as 'costume violators'. The drone however was quickly taken out by a crest wailer named Corvus, who briefly helped the twins' in basic combat skills. Going back into the house, they found the time portal reopen by Lucy and Everett was barricading the front door from guards outside. Lucy and Everett quickly explained that Dr. White had used the grubbin doll he stolen in the far past to release the Repuigians to their world. Since then, he had taken over the town and banned everything Halloween forever. Wren and Reynold then needed to travel back through time and stop Dr. White from stealing the doll, aka a talisman, in the first place, from a family of bayou witches.

Landing in the past before Auburn Pines, the twins meet Monty, a young 'redneck' boy and gator farmer. He helps them out in finding the witches while dealing with mysterious minions called 'Kronies', the shards of Kronoculus, who are also looking for the talisman. The group also come across a skeleton boy named Lil Bones who bargains with them to get them a boat ride to the witches if they collected candy from all the houses. Just after they collected the candy, a boy wearing braces snatched the bag from them. The group chased him back to his home to learn that the boy was Orel White in his youth. He apoligized for stealing the candy, explaining that he never had candy nor gone trick or treating before since his mother forbade it. The group were surprised to hear that. Just then, Mrs. White showed up behind Orel and quickly questioned her son about having the candy and the group wearing costumes. She quickly grabbed the candy bag and threw it at the twins, causing them to fall down with the scattered candy. She lividly told her son to get his teeth brushed again and threaten the group that if they tried to 'spread the evils of Halloween' to her son ever again, they'll be sorry. The group clearly saw what had influenced Dr. White to be who he is in the present.

Getting the candy to Lil Bones with some other difficulties, they got their ride to the witches at their campgrounds. They meet the children, Dorian and Dorisilla (two siblings from Costume Quest) and their parents. The twins tried in vain to warn them about Dr. White and Kronoculus coming to steal their talisman. Dorisilla shrugs it off, saying that they weren't worry about anyone taking it while holding it up in her hand. However, Dr. White and Kronoculus showed up, snatched the doll and removed a pin from the doll that released a Grubbin. The parents tried to stop them but got time-frozen. The twins goes to confront Dr. White but got Kronoculus intervened them in battle. The twins and Monty defeated Kronoculus and retrieved the wizard's time-travel clock. The parents were freed but Dr. White unfortunately escapes back to the present with the doll. The parents were surprised about Kronoculus being set freed from his time-proof cage, something that young Orel happened to eavesdrop from them.

The twins then returned to the time portal but found it missing. They figured out that because they got the time clock now before adult Everett could get it originally, they cancelled out the events of him having come to get them originally. They couldn't figured out how to fix the clock but had the idea of burying the clock and telling Monty to remember to tell Everett 20 years from then about the clock, so he could get the portal reopen in the future. Wren and Reynold reported to adult Lucy and Everett about failing to stop Dr. White in the past. Soon enough, the front door was broken in and some grubbin guards stormed in with Dr. White from that era. He ordered Lucy to hand over the time clock but Lucy destroyed it instead to keep it out of his hands. Dr. White then had Lucy and Everett arrested and Wren and Reynold sent off to Tooth Academy; strangely he didn't recognized the twins but they looked familiar.

At the academy that managed by the Repulgians, Wren and Reynold learnt what was being taught to kids about Halloween and tried in vain to tell the truth about it. They get sent to detention where they met Halley, Lucy and Everett's daughter. They worked together to get their costumes back and to go rescue Lucy and Everett. They had to fight off the principle Bo Jinn (also from Costume Quest) and escaped out into the sewers to an underground shelter where people can trick or treat as they like.

in the sewer they meet Saddy who is sad about creepy treat cards being the new thing. The sewer also contains an older Monty petting an alligator.

<Adda, Adda, adda, rescue Lucy and Everett, adda Adda adda, escape to sewers, Halley goes with her parents>

you then go through a time hole to find young Orel. go back to the future and Orel can use his eye to get into a secret room where Dr. White is pretending to trick-or-treat, and he's acting like a dope! You go and dress yourself like a personal floss bot and get shipped Dr. White's bedroom, which looks very childlike, has a bowl of candy, and the blanket is a candy corn pattern! Ziplinee down to the battle suit build station. as you go to get the talismen, white spots you and the final battle begins. After you beat him, Orel and Dr. White have a discussion, ending with Orel throwing his headgear to the ground. Wren and Reynold go back to their time, Orel goes back to the past. When they come out, they see their parents having a discussion with a smiling Orel White! Seeing his future self changed him.



The game functions as an adventure platform with RPG features such as monster battle combats, level building and puzzle/item quests.

Party Group

Your party can have up to 3 characters in single player game control as you play through the game. The story plot is mostly linear with the option of fulfilling side quests that helps you advance. In Costume Quest 1 where you had to choose between Wren and Reynold as your main character to play with while the other is made NPC, you can now keep both siblings as playable characters but still having to choose a main character between them. Depending on certain areas (and time eras), only some characters are available to help Wren and Reynolds in battle and field.

Battle Mechanics

Battles can result from treat-or-treating at houses and from making contact with enemies in certain field areas throughout the games. In all battles, your characters need various costumes to participate and they all come with varied built-in abilities. While in battle, you face off enemies with individual turn-based actions. The Stamps add-ons from Costume Quest 1 are removed from this game but are replaced with use of the Creepy Treat Cards while in battle, giving players new choices of healing, defensive and offensive actions. In addition to use of regular, special attacks and creepy treat cards, you can not only


Much like Costume Quest 1, you'll find varied types of halloween costumes throughout the game. These costumes are usually acquired by finding pattern sheets, then finding their 3 pieces to each pattern to assemble and use the costume on one of your characters. There are new and returning costumes in this game, up to about 16 costumes to acquire. Like before, the costumes have their particular set of attacks in battle and abilities to overcome obstacles in field areas. You can only change costumes while in field areas. You can purchase upgrade versions of the costumes from the salesman, Shady in each era.

- Superhero:

The Superhero costume is a default costume that you acquired from Lucy and Everett's shed in the future era. Your chosen twin sibling will get this costume first. Depending on the gender of which character is equipped with the costume, there are a male and female version. Its' upgraded version is the Solar Superhero.

- Candy Corn:

The Candy Corn costume is a default costume that you acquired from Lucy and Everett's shed in the future era. This costume would go to the other twin sibling that wasn't picked in the intro. This costume, when donned is mostly for defence and to allure enemies' attacks. You are automatically stuck in battle doing nothing but take reduced damaged. Its' upgraded version is the Chocolate Candy Corn.

- Clown:

The Clown costume is acquired in the past era when you meet Monty, He has the pattern sheet and you need to gather a rainbow wig, a red nose and a squeaky horn to assemble the costume. Its' upgraded version is the Rainbow Clown.


The game starts off after the events of Grubins on ice. Wren, Reynold, Everret, and Lucy come out of a portal. After walking up to mysterious portal, the kids argue about who goes in first. To decide, Everret flips a coin. Whoever is going through first is your character. The twin who you didn't pick will push his/her twin through the portal, and they will arrive back home, at Halloween. Everret exclaims that they did not leave at Halloween. Lucy then explains space-time as the kids dentist- Orel White- walks by. Everret and Lucy go to sort the candy while Wren and Reynold go check in with their mom and dad. The kids go to Everret's house to find a WIERD machine-looking thing. Dr. White pushes the kids aside and goes up to the thing, calling it a time wizard. The wizard takes a clockish thing and adjusts the arms. A pinkish clock appears on the ground. Dr. White jumps through it, followed by the wizard. A couple seconds later Dr. White bounds back out with a small stuffed animal Grubbin. Repugians suddenly start to apear everywhere. Wren and Reynold's costumes and candy disappear in pink smoke. A black grownup suddenly appears from behind the fence and tells the twins to follow him. They jump over the fence into another time hole closely followed by the man. They appear in a house with the windows boarded up. A white grownup walks in and tells Wren and Reynold it's good to see them again. Then the twins ask if they know them. The adults reveal themselves as Everret and Lucy in the future. The twins go get some costumes from Everret's shed- a superhero costume and the twins despised old Candy Corn costume. As a dental drone finds them a Crestwailer destroys it and teaches you how to fight. After Lucy tells you to find a family of witches, you go through a new time hole to the past. 2 beings will fight you, after introducing themselves as the shards of Kronoculus. Up the path you will find a boy named Monty wrestling with and aliggator to get a costume pattern. You will have to then complete Monty's clown costume. A little farther down the road a kid name Lil' Bones jumps out and tells you he'll give you a boat IF you fill his pail up with candy. After you do that a boy named Orel (THE TWIST!!!!!) steals the pail and runs off to his house and makes a giant pile of leaves so no one follows and to get through you need the Pterydactyl costume. Then his mom get's INSANE!!! Deliver the candy to Lil' Bones to get to the bog. (But you'll need to repair the boat first) in the bog there is a small orange light coming from a fire. Talk to all of the witches. TWIST #2: the two small children roasting marshmallows are DORSILLA AND DORIAN!!!!! After you start yelling Dorsilla will show you the "talisman" after a few seconds Dr. White comes through the time hole with Kronoculus the time wizard and grabs the talisman. You then enter a battle with Kronoculus.

I haven't got past that battle so I can't add anymore. sorry!



Young Dorsilla and Dorian