Plot Edit

Grubbins on Ice, is the only DLC for Costume Quest. It starts with Everett and Lucy walking outside in the middle of winter. Lucy is looking for evidence that Repugia is real, but Everett wants her to come to his house, signalling a crush. Lucy suddenly spots a speaker from one of the monster gates and goes over to yell at it, and is sucked into a portal. Everett soon returns, this time dressed in his knight costume, with Wren and Reynold close behind as a robot+ space warrior. Reynold tells Wren and Everett to look as he runs into the park towards the portal, before stopping about 2 meters in front of it, and stooping down to get a quarter. They then proceed to argue who goes through first. This is when the game tradition of picking Wren or Reynold. When they go through the portal, Lucy, a crestwailer named Araxia, and two repugiarches, are standing there. Araxia dresses Lucy as candy corn and takes her straight to the candy cage. After battling the repugiarches (One of the only times you progress because you are defeated) you fall off the cliff and land on some trowbog rebels. After joining the revolution, you must go to every house in the Grubbin section, knock on the door, say: " Viva Repugia!", and earn candy. When you speak to the elder Grubbin, go to a gate with a trowbog face and talk to the rebel, and respeak to the elder. Afterwards go to the secret cave at the rebel base and get the pirate costume pattern. Get the materials from other rebels. Afterwards, go to the big wooden tower and climb to the top. Zip line into the resort. Switch to the French fry costume and go to the female repugiarch. Go to the elders pagoda and recheck to make sure you've done every house. Then go through the gate and revolutionize at every house. Next go back to the elder. Now go to the trowbog caves of confusion. (You will know it's the right cave if there's a trowbog statue.) After getting the book, return it to the elder. Go through gate to crestwailer section. go see the elder First this time. Go to yeti's cave and receive the yeti costume from a crestwailer. Go out of the cave. Then revolutionize at every crestwailer house and go through to the repugiarch (and Araxia) zone. Every house you Viva Repugia at will be a battle.

Afterwards you go through a monster gate at the other side of a bridge but I haven't Viva Repugiad at every house! My best guess is you battle big bones and Araxia then set Lucy free! But alas, I don't know! If anyone HAS beat the DLC, and would like to expand this, go ahead!

After you Viva Rupugia at every house a cut scene will happen where four repugians will try and open the monster gate successfully. Go to the gate and another cut scene where a crestwailer and a trowbog will run out followed by a grubbin yelling about big bones. Everett practically charges in and Big Bones is there eating something and Lucy is next to be eaten. You then enter the boss battle with Araxia and Big Bones. (Get some healing and multiple damage battle stamps. The battle is HARD.) It's so hard I have not beaten it. Ditto to paragraph above.

After defeating Araxia and Big Bones, Lucy comes over and gives Everrett a big hug. She says she managed to get scientific evidence from the remains of Big Bones, and all four back through the portal before it closes on them. However, instead of sending them back home, the portal drops them off in an empty space filled with other portals.

Costumes Edit

Pirate Edit

Go into the secret cave and get the costume pattern. Head into the Grubbin zone. Look for grubbins in the revolution uniform and talk to them. Use the robot costume to go over the ramps. 2 should be right beside each other, will the 3rd is on the other side of town. The newspaper is in a coffin and the eye patch and hook are given by the rebels.

Eyeball Edit

The eyeball is the most difficult costume to complete, because the wire mesh is SO hard to find. I can't remember the location of the paper or the track suit, but they will be put in when someone or I can remember. If you go to the bridge at the beginning of the DLC, there is a white fence. If you move along that fence there is an opening. If you get through the maze inside the treasure coffin there is the costume pattern. Do not go across the bridge. Instead keep following the fence. were the fence ends and curves down, there should be a path. The path leads to a series of catwalks. If you see a destroyable wall, DO NOT DESTROY OR GO INTO IT. Instead go on the catwalks until you come to a cave entrance. the left cave takes you into a room with 3 treasure coffins. 2 contain 100 pieces of candy and the 3rd contains wire mesh. find/ savour the other pieces and you'll have yourself the eyeball costume.

Yeti Edit

Go into the yeti cave and talk to the Crestwailer.

Cost Edit

Grubbins on Ice is available as a free in-app download for Costume Quest on iOS and was made available bundled with the base game on Android via Humble Bundle for a limited time. On Windows, Mac and Linux the DLC comes bundled with the base game as a single download at no additional cost. For Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Grubbins on Ice is available only as a separate paid download and requires the base game to access.