- Gus
G-U-S from sector 5
Gender Male
Race Grubbins
Health 80
Level 1
Status Defeated
Location Auburn Pines Suburbs


Encountered as the games first monster, Gus mistakes Wren/Reynold for an enlarged piece of sentient candy corn.


He intently mentioned being from section five before tossing his pecular find behind the security gate. Gus's interest in being promoted might denote increased intelligence above other grubbins, however may prove unlikely considering his ineptitude for being able to identify Wren/Reynold as a child.


  • Subsequently after the protagonist decieves BoJonn into believing they are Gus sentimentally insists he check in with his wife, revealing he was married.
  • Developers ostensibly created Gus as a tutorial experience for players, so they could become acquainted with the combat system.
  • Officially Gus' title served as a guardsman.