These "monsters" are merely an unfamiliar species from a distant galaxy...who have traveled here via a perfectly scientific worm hole in space time.
— Lucy
Lawful Good
Gender Female
Race Human
Health Varies
Level Varies
Status Alive


Found inside Autumn Haven Mall's Mall-o-ride track investing its enigmatic malfunction, Lucy joins Wren/Reynold's party, but remains overtly incredulous throughout their numerous confrontations with Grubbins, Crestwailers and Trowbogs.


Akin to Everett, Lucy mimics his involvement as a battling buddy and offers invaluable clues during key moments of game play.


Objective, logical, pragmatic and cautious, Lucy discerns each situation from removed vantages of collected composure.


  • Lucy introduces herself as a self-proclaimed scientist, further supporting the skeptical attitude she displays toward supernatural phenomenon.

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